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Just Vertical Visual Brand Guideline- (Outdated)

Branding & Content Design


Consulting Project for Just Vertical


To create a brand style guideline for the company to follow when creating digital content and provide visual template/example content for social media marketing.

Techniques Used

Design Thinking, Design Principles, User Personas, PESTLE Analysis, SWOT Analysis

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator, Jira, Mural, Miro


Project Management, Competitive Market Research, Design System Ideation, Implementation, Prototyping


10 Weeks

Branding: Style Guide

Content Creation

The project included creating different post topics and designs spanning multiple social channels. This included Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I conceptualized post topics and reasons such as announcments, informative, instructional, and promotional posts, 

I also designed different designs for posts such as the posts on the following instagram feed.

jv icon_3x.png
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